About this blog

About this blog

Writing my first ever blog, this for me is one of the most important issue that we all face in our lives… relationships. In this case i’m not referring to the unconditional love that we share with our parents, children and grandparents. More the love we share in a conditional relationship with the opposite sex. Now I say conditional because this is most certainly the case. We all have a set of conditions and requirements that we all must set in order to meet the one, that meets our conditions. Likewise this also needs to be reciprocal with the opposite, with them also having met their conditions too. In that we can then say we have a perfect match. The person who ticks all the boxes and equally their boxes are also ticked.

This blog will share some of the experiences that life has taught me so far in relation to relationships. I hope this will support others in succeeding in their own relationships, by providing a point of reference to guide and support others who face possible challenges. I have always being able to support others in succeeding in their own relationships. Observing from an outsiders perspective has always been easier to look inwards, rather than outwards. This blog will share experiences, some may seem relevant or even similar to experiences that you maybe going through.


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